Lakers Fan’s $100,000 Shot Catches Strays for LeBron James’ Teammates: “Sub Him For (Austin) Reaves”

It’s the last minute of the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Toronto Raptors. Toronto is trying to keep the Lakers from jumping out to a big lead, and they’re doing their best to do just that. But what’s going viral right now is a viral Lakers fan’s shot at the half-court. The winner of the big shot at the end of the game is going to take home $100,00. With the whole arena on edge, the fan takes a deep breath, walks back, and gets ready to take the game-winning shot.

When the shot hit the floor, it seemed like the man himself took a few seconds to register what had just happened, and then he was off like a light switch. It was a good night for the Lakers fans, but not so great for Austin Reaves, who scored just 7 points (with 2:38 left in the game) and watching him take a shot from the half-court has caused the X to erupt in jokes. One user even asked LA to “sub him for Reaves.”