Sarah Ferguson Shares Sweet Photo of Queen’s Beloved Corgis Muick and Sandy

The duchess of York has revealed a sweet new picture of her two Corgi dogs, Muick and Sandy.

The Duchess of York, 64, has taken to Instagram to share a sweet snap of the two dogs, who she adopted after her late mother, the Queen, passed away in September 2022 at the age of 92.

The duchess, who lives in Windsor with Prince Andrew, her ex-husband, at the Royal Lodge.

According to Sarah, the two Corgis, who are named after her brother, Muick, and her sister Sandy, are always looking for something to eat.

In the picture, the two pups were cuddling beneath a flight of steps, their droopy pups’ eyes gazing into the camera. 

Royal fans flocked to social media to praise the duchess (known as Fergie) for sharing the snap. 

Others, however, suggested that the pup’s pleading puppy dog eyes could be a hint that they miss their ‘Mama’.

The duchess, who recently announced she has written a new children’s book set to be published in 2021, captioned the photo: “Always begging for treats!”

Many fans praised her for taking such good care of the queen’s pets, with one writing: “I can see that they miss Her Majesty, and they deserve whatever treats you can give them. They are well looked after and well looked after.”

Another added: “You certainly give them enough treats, and they couldn’t be in better hands. She’s looking down from heaven and smiling with gratitude,”

A fourth said: “Thanks for posting their photo. It’s nice to see them, and I hope you have a great Holiday,” while a fifth added: “Give them whatever they want!”.

It seems the late monarch’s ex-daughter-in-law is having the best time with her new-found pets.

The Duchess of Sussex celebrated Thanksgiving with her two dachshunds and corgis, and shared a sweet snap of them on social media. She wrote on Instagram: ‘Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We’re taking advantage of the chill of November weather. It’s the perfect time to go for a walk, grab a mug of tea or maybe write something cozy, mysterious and new.’

‘I’m sharpening my pen this autumn. I’m thankful for all the little things,’ she added.

‘Tell me what you’re thankful for this season!’

The dachshund and corgis were given to the late Queen in early 2021, after Andrew gave them to her while she was at Windsor Castle during lockdown. The dachshund was a gift from the Duke of York, while the corgis was a gift from Sarah Ferguson, the late Queen’s ex-wife.

The dorgi, named Fergus, named after her uncle who died in action during World War I, and the corgis, pronounced Mick, named after the Loch Muick on Balmoral estate. While the Duke of Edinburgh lay in hospital and Buckingham Palace was dealing with the fallout of the Sussexes’ Oprah interview, the puppies provided entertainment for the Queen.

Five months later, Fergus tragically passed away in the wake of Philip’s death. The Queen later welcomed a new corgis puppy, named Sandy, from Andrew and Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, for her 95th birthday.

On Sunday, Sarah announced she had written a new children’s book set to be published next year, and revealed one of the characters could be based on her grandson, August.

The duchess of York posted a Christmas bauble on Instagram on Sunday, captioning it: “Tale of Tails by Sarah York.”

It appears one of the book’s characters is Augustus, who appears to be Princess Eugenie’s (Eugenie’s and Jack Brooksbank (Olivia’s) two-year-

The youngest daughter of Eugenie and Sarah Brooksbank, Eugenie also has an 11-month-old baby boy, Ernest George Ronald Brooksbank.

Taking to social media to share a snap of her new children’s book, Augustus, Eugenie wrote: “Hey Augustus, I can’t wait to share my new book with you. I’m so excited to share it with you all. It’s called ‘Tail of Tails’ and it’s going to be published next year. I’ve got some amazing illustrations by Frank endersby and some bauble production from Sonya at cherishedGiftsco.”

If you’re looking for another children’s holiday read, check out ‘Little Red’s Christmas’ under ‘books’.

I hope everyone’s taking some extra time to relax and enjoy the holidays!

It looks like Augustus is a snail carrying a load of Christmas gifts on a hill shell.

In addition to the main characters, Sarah has written a bunch of other books for kids, such as Ballerina, Tea for Ruby and The Little Red series, as well as Finding Sarah. She’s also a doting granny to her three grandsons, Ernest, August and Sienna, and her daughter, Princess Beatrice, who is two. She recently talked about what her grandsons call her on her podcast, ‘The Duchess and Sarah’ and how she’s ‘doting GG’.