Saif Ali Khan Teaches Taimur to Show Respect by Saying ‘Yash Ji’

Saif Ali Khan Taimur

According to Saif Ali Khan, there is no chalet in his home in Gstaad and he does not have 7 billiards rooms in his ancestral palace in Pataudi. Saif clarified a few things about his life on Koffee With Karan, where he was accompanied by his mother Sharmila tagore. In the episode, he also told a funny story about his son Taimur.

According to him, Taimur’s interest in Christianity grew after Kareena introduced him to the faith. However, since Kareena didn’t answer his question, it fell on Saif to answer it. He keeps asking him questions about God, and I have to find a good way to answer them. He keeps asking about the Crucifixion, Jesus’ death, and why He was killed. He needs a good answer. “Thank God he’s not asking Bebo about it because I don’t want her to tell him the wrong things, which she’s capable of doing,” Karan said.

She was the one who brought him into the Christian faith, and I am the one who answers the questions, said Saif. Karan told his version of Taimur’s story. He said his son Yash is Taimur’s best friend in school, and Taimur always calls him by his name, which is also Karan’s late father’s name. He said Taimur and his son are the best of friends. Taimur calls my son ‘Yash Johar’, and since Saif remembers him as my dad, he tells Taimur to’show some respect’.

Saif said, “I am going to teach Taimur how to say Yash ji, which is what everyone in the business used to call my father.” Karan said, “It would be funny if Taimur started saying Yash ji in class.” Saif has a daughter Sara and a son Ibrahim with his ex-wife Amrita Singh and another son Jeh with his wife Kareena.