Dry travel to affordable luxury: 5 travel trends likely to dominate in 2024

Sixty per cent of Indians want to travel abroad, and nearly half of them plan to increase their travel expenses in the next year, according to a survey by YouGov & ACKO.

As we move into 2024, people are looking forward to taking long weekends and going on travel trips to exotic destinations that seem like they are from outer space. From going to places where their favourite celebs have clicked photos, to going to places just for the taste of delicious food, people are looking for new experiences in the new year.

According to a YouGov & ACKO report, 60 per cent Indians are looking forward to visiting international destinations, while almost 50 per cent plan to boost their travel budget next year.

Here are the top 5 travel trends that are expected to dominate the new year:

In Quest Of Water : 

According to a preliminary report from the United Nations released earlier this month, the year 2023 is expected to be the warmest on record. According to Booking.com’s 2024 travel predictions, 51 percent of vacationers said climate change will impact their travel plans and that they will use their vacation to cool down.

Water-centric tourism is expected to become increasingly popular, with 75 percent of vacationers saying that being near water reduces their stress.

AI travel

As we move into 2024, AI is set to take the tourism industry by storm. Today, holidaymakers rely on AI to find new places to visit, plan trips, and create itineraries. However, according to the latest report from Expedia, Unpack 2024, the next generation of generic AI travellers will fully embrace the use of AI for travel planning. 50% of holidaymakers say they want to use AI for trip planning, 35% plan to use it for activity planning, and 40% plan to use AI to find accommodation. This represents a big change in how AI shapes and improves user travel experiences.

Dry Tripping

The trend of going ‘dry dating’ or going on ‘alcohol-free dates’ was a hot topic in 2023, and it’s here to stay. Dry tripping is here to stay in 2024, whether you’re planning a detox getaway or visiting an alcohol-free hotspot.

Vacations are supposed to be a time for relaxation, but since COVID-19, we’ve seen a shift towards less alcohol consumption. According to a survey by Expedia, half of holidaymakers say they’d like to stay at hotels that serve alcohol-free beverages, and over 40 per cent say they’re planning to book a ‘detox trip’ in 2024.

Affordable luxury

Travellers in 2024 will have to decide how far they’re willing to go to save money. Almost half of holidaymakers plan to travel during the holiday season, even if that means letting their kids out of school for a couple of days.

It’s also easier to pay for a vacation in instalments, with around half of vacationers planning to use their credit cards, and 39 percent planning to bring their pets with them to save money on pet sitting fees.

The ‘dummy’ travel trend will also make its way into the travel space this year, as people will be looking for ‘destination dupes’ of well-known but expensive places to save money. For example, people are planning to go to Taipei and Pattaya instead of Seoul, according to Expedia.


Heat waves, rapid glacier melt, and wildfires have all played a part in raising awareness of the looming climate crisis. As a result, travellers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly travel and accommodations that focus on sustainability, such as hotels with less single use plastic, kitchen gardens and plans to live in harmony with nature or preserve forests. Around 53 per cent will look for accommodations that focus on innovation in sustainability. 3 out of every 5 tourists want to see sustainability in action and 65 percent want to visit places with green landscapes.