Thurles Opens Free Nasal Flu Vaccine Clinic for Children to Combat Rising Flu Cases

The HSE has opened a free children’s nasal flu vaccination clinic in Thurles today, in response to a spike in flu cases among children aged 2 to 17.

The HSE is appealing to parents to get their children vaccinated to help stop the spread of flu.

Children: the focus of vaccination efforts

Children are the focus of this vaccination drive as they are more susceptible to the virus and have a higher rate of transmission. Symptoms of flu in children include high temperature, muscle pain, headache, and very tiredness. 

The HSE’s strategic focus on immunising children is a proactive approach to protecting the most vulnerable and reducing community spread.

Children: At the heart of vaccination efforts
Children are particularly targeted for this vaccine topic because they are more susceptible to the virus and have an increased transmission rate. Flu symptoms  in children can include  high fever, muscle aches, headache and extreme fatigue. The HSE’s strategic focus on childhood vaccination is a preventative initiative designed to protect the most vulnerable and reduce community transmission.

Convenient Vaccination Options
While you can still get the nasal flu vaccine at your local GP practice or pharmacy, there is now a new walk-in clinic in Thurles. The Primary Care Centre at Mitchell Street, Thurles is open from 11am to 3pm.

This walk-in clinic is part of the HSE’s wider strategy to make vaccines easier to access for busy families and busy working parents.

Simultaneous Flu and Covid-19 Vaccination Efforts

At the same time, a clinic in Clonmel, St Luke’s, will be dispensing both flu and covid-19 the following day. 

This is part of the Health Service Executive’s (HSE) dual approach to tackling the health threats facing the country. 

By providing both vaccines at the same time, the HSE hopes to strengthen the community’s defences against both threats.