The identities of more than 150 individuals connected in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal are expected to be made public next year.

The individuals whose names will be disclosed include victims of sexual assault, plaintiffs in lawsuits, and employees of Jeffrey Epstein.

A federal judge has ordered the public disclosure of the identities of more than 150 individuals associated with the disgraced financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell early next year. The individuals whose names will be made public include ex abuse victims, plaintiffs in litigation, employees of Epstein and Maxwell, and individuals with no more than a passing association with the scandal. All of these individuals have the right to file an appeal with the Federal Court of New York at New York City by January 1, 2024, according to a copy of the order obtained by TMZ. The order, signed by U.S. Magistrate Judge LorettaA. Preska, was issued in response to a lawsuit filed by Mr. Maxwell.

In the past, a number of other documents pertaining to the lawsuit have been made public. In a blog post on X, Trending Politics co-owner Collin Rugg wrote that three names would remain sealed out of 150 names.

According to Rugg wrote, “the three names that remain sealed are “classic outliers” that had no connection to the events in question and were not connected to Epstein. “One of the sealed names was erroneously identified in a photograph”

According to NBC News, Preska said that some of the records would be kept private, including those that named people who had been sexually abused by Epstein while they were miners and wanted to keep their identities private.

Prince Andrew of Britain is one of the most prominent names associated with Epstein. Prince Andrew has been accused of being a co-conspirator of Epstein’s criminal activities. However, Prince Andrew has denied any wrongdoing and maintained his innocence.

Epstein is accused of sexually abusing several teenage girls, some of whom prosecutors say were under the age of 14. He is alleged to have committed the assaults at his Manhattan and Palm Beach homes, as well as on his private island off St. Thomas.

In 2019, he was indicted by federal prosecutors on one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking and one of sex trafficking with a minor. Due to his suicide in a Manhattan jail cell about one month after his arrest, the charges were dropped.

His accomplice Maxwell is currently serving a sentence of 20 years in prison after being sentenced in December 2021 for aiding and abetting in the recruitment and sexual exploitation of underage girls by Mr. Epstein.