Siddharth Lends Voice to an Alien in Sivakarthikeyan’s Ayalaan – A Generous Gesture!

Previously, it was reported that Siddharth will be lending his voice to the foreign character in Siva’s upcoming movie Ayalaan which has been in production for a long time. The makers of Ayalaan along with Siva came together for the promotional event in Chennai. At the event, Siva thanked Siddharth. Siva also clarified that Siddharth did not charge any fee for the voice part in Ayalaan.

Speaking at the function, Sivajayan said, “Siddharth has done a great job in dubbing for the alien, which is very funny and smart. He has done it for free.” Sivajayan, who is best known for his role in Chittha, added that the movie will be a pure entertainer that can be seen by all kinds of people. “We didn’t know what ‘pan-Indian’ meant when we started making this movie. But, given the opportunities that Tamil cinema has presented in recent times, we have gone through a lot of challenges to make this movie because we didn’t want to sacrifice the quality,” Movie Crow quoted Sivajayan as saying.

Talking about Ayalaan at the event AR Rahman said, “Ayalaan is going to be the epitome of Tamil cinema.” He further said, “I had to put in a lot of effort to make this film.”

Siddharth is the only one who didn’t charge a fee for this film as it got stuck in production issues. The film, which was being made on a massive budget, was put on hold due to production issues and the actor had to sacrifice his salary so that the film could be released smoothly, according to Times Of India.

Ravikumar’s directorial venture Ayaalan is directed by R Ravichandran from the indru netru naali fame. The film also stars Rakul preet singh, Isha koppikar and Yogi babu in pivotal roles. The film’s release date has not been announced yet. The makers are scheduled to launch the trailer of Ayaalan on January 7 in Dubai.