Google Had To Fix Over 100 Security Issues In Android Last Month: Here’s What It Said

In the second half of 2023, Google faced a number of security issues with Android and the latest bulletin provides you with all the information you need.

The last month of 2023 saw Google’s Android security team handle the majority of the heavy load. According to Google’s latest security bulletin, more than 100 security vulnerabilities with critical-to-high-severity ratings affected over 100 million Android devices.

Overall, these vulnerabilities led Google to resolve 100 security vulnerabilities in the Android Framework and other parts used in the handsets. The information provided by Google discusses the following security vulnerabilities affecting devices still running on Android 11.

As we mentioned earlier, the Indian government has issued several security alerts for Android users over the past couple of weeks, and Google’s latest security bulletin highlights a number of vulnerabilities affecting millions of devices over the past 30 days.

Google fixed the security issue in December with a patch, and it appears to have fixed several vulnerabilities affecting Android devices.

However, the biggest concern for Google must be the vulnerability in the form of RCE (Remote Code Execution) in the form of vulnerability number 20463-40088. This vulnerability could be used by an attacker to install malicious software or code on a user’s phone without their permission.

As mentioned above, this vulnerability was found in several Android versions, such as Android 11, Android 12, Android 12L, Android 13, and Android 14. As mentioned earlier, this security patch also includes additional fixes for vulnerabilities found in components from different chip manufacturers, such as ARM (ARM), Unisoc (Unisoc), Mediatek (Mediatek), and Qualcomm.

It’s interesting to note that the company didn’t mention any security issues that affected Pixel users in this period. However, we do have information on the WearOS issues that impacted Pixel users in this month.

Pixel users were able to take advantage of a bunch of new features through the December 2023 Pixel drop update, which was made available over the air for eligible Pixel users starting with the 4a (5G) model.

While Google will be looking forward to a quieter start to 2024, it also needs to fix the bottlenecks at the end that allow these vulnerabilities to become a problem for users.