Bengaluru Woman Leverages Tinder and Hinge to Find Roommate Match

A woman from Bengaluru, Karuna, who wants to vacate her apartment in Singasandra, has created profiles on dating apps for her room in hopes of finding a match. Her room is part of a three-bedroom flat in Singasandra. Speaking to Moneycontrol, she said, “My flatmates and I have a joint contract. I want to move out of my flat, but I will only get my share of the deposit if someone rents the room after me.”

She named her room Kholi number 420, which is a well-known song from the 1977 movie ‘Amar Akbar Antony’, and created a profile for it on the dating app Hinge. She also created profiles on Tinder and Facebook, but her flatmates weren’t convinced that she was the right person for the job.

After exhausting her searches on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram, she advertised her room on the dating apps in hopes of finding someone interested in renting it.

Her Tinder bio talks about the unique features of her room and her flat. She says, “I am the queen of style, just add some fairy lights! I am a part of a 3BHK group. I love the idea of girls going to the washroom and staying together. Meraa asli neem mujhe pata, sab humko PK kar bulawat hi (Sorry building 104). My name is Singasandra and I live in Bangalore. I love passing through supermarkets and pharmacies. I help many people na isli. My name is modern and there are no restrictions on vegetables or non-vegetables. I love to bring friends along.”

The room’s Hinge profile also mentions some of the room’s advantages through the app’s prompts. Responding to the prompt “A life goal of my,” the profile said, “I’m looking for a new flatmate. I’m in a very loving room, and I don’t understand why my previous owner is moving out. I get plenty of sunlight, and who wouldn’t want to be in a room like mine?

Tata’s efforts to find a new renter have been widely shared on X. One user commented on her room’s Tinder profile, “This lowkey crack me up.” Another user shared, “The other day my friend screen recorded and sent me a video of this girl’s profile that was legit on bumble. She was looking for help with her project and she was using all the prompts to explain what she needed.