Atal Tunnel Gives Tourists a Unique Experience During Christmas in Himachal

Travelers come to Himachal Pradesh to enjoy Christmas in the breathtaking scenery.

Over the long Christmas weekend, thousands of travelers descended upon Himachal Pradesh, with the Atal Tunnel in Rohtang emerging as the most popular travel destination, behind Kullu and Lahaul & Spiti.

According to police data, an estimated 65,000 persons traveled through the Tunnel on Sunday in more than 12,000 automobiles.

The world’s highest single-tube tunnel above 10,000 feet is the 9.2-kilometer Atal Tunnel. Tourists flocked to Rohtang on Saturday after it received a lot of snow.

“We welcome the tourists who have come in such huge numbers, crossing over lakhs,” Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu declared.

Himachal Pradesh has risen once more to greet visitors following the monsoon season natural calamity.

Beautiful River and snow covered mountains landscape Kashmir state, India

Two periods of torrential rain during this monsoon season caused significant damage to large portions of Himachal Pradesh. Large-scale damage was caused by the intense rain in the districts of Mandi and Kullu. During the second period in August, Shimla and Solan districts were affected, with Shimla, the capital city, sustaining significant damage.

Sukhu also commended the police and district administration for their effective handling of the massive influx of tourists and their efforts to assist those stranded in the snow, especially at the tunnel’s north and south entrances, where the temperature plummeted to minus twelve degrees Celsius.

“Lakhs of tourists” have arrived in the state, according to Director General of Police Sanjay Kundu, who urged them to prioritize safe travel habits and follow traffic laws.

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