Astonishing Sight: A Tigress Captivates Villagers in Uttar Pradesh Tiger Reserve

Have you ever thought about what happens when a tigress comes to your house? A tigress has done just that in Athkona village of Pilibhit District, Uttar Pradesh when a mature female tigress came to your house.

What is a tigress and why is it causing panic in Uttar Pradesh?

Adult female tigress enters Uttar Pradesh’s Athkona village causing panic

According to the reports, the tigress made its way out of the forest in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and entered the village of Athkona in the dark. The tigress was spotted perched on the wall of a gurdwara in Athkona. The locals immediately reported the matter to the forest department which put up a net to put a cordon around the area.

According to the news agency, the forest officials saved the tigress and it is currently in the care of veterinary doctors in the Pilibhit tiger reserve.

Athkona village is located about 20 km from Pilibhit tiger reserve forest. Reportedly injured, the tiger took shelter on the wall and attracted everyone’s attention. Videos of the unusual encounter went viral on social media.

As the news spread about the tiger, people from surrounding areas came forward to witness the beautiful sight. The forest department officials reached the village at around 5 AM on the basis of information received from the locals. They quickly put up a net near the wall and started the process of catching a tigress.

The tigress can be seen in the shared video just meters away from the locals. Some of them have even scaled the roofs of nearby houses to get a glimpse of the tigress, while others have been seen watching from behind a safety net.

“We have saved the tigress spotted in the village of Atkona,” said Naveen, Assistant Director, Pilibhit tiger reserve. “She is in the care of veterinary doctors in the reserve. She is a young tigress, around 2-3 years of age.”

The tigress had first been spotted in the village, Khandelwal said, adding that it was brought out of the village in the early hours of Tuesday morning (midnight to early morning) after being tranquillised.

The tigress was rescued on December 26 and the video has now been viewed more than 1,1 lakh times. The tigress’ rescue has sparked a debate on the welfare of tigress and their eventual return to the wild. Many people have expressed their relief over the rescue while others have speculated about the health of tigress.