The largest forests in the world

Amazon Rainforest 

The "lungs of the planet," covering most of South America and crucial to global climate. 

Congo Rainforest 

The second-largest rainforest, located in Central Africa and home to endangered gorillas. 

Boreal Forest

A vast coniferous forest across North America, Europe, and Asia, vital for carbon storage. 

New Guinea Rainforest 

An island rainforest in Southeast Asia with exceptional biodiversity and unique species. 

Tongass National Forest 

The largest temperate rainforest in the world, located in Alaska with stunning mountains and glaciers.

Daintree Rainforest 

The world's oldest rainforest in Australia, known for its ancient trees and diverse wildlife. 


A mangrove forest in South Asia, home to the endangered Royal Bengal tiger and unique coastal ecosystem. 

These amazing forests play a vital role in our planet's health and are home to countless species. It's our responsibility to protect them for future generations.