If you are fond of fantasy shows then these web series are best to watch.

Game of Thrones (fantasy show) 

A vast tale of noble families fighting for possession of the Iron Throne in a place where winters can endure for many years. 

The Witcher (fantasy show) 

A mutant monster-hunter for hire, Geralt of Rivia travels toward his destiny in a chaotic world where people frequently turn out to be more evil than animals. 

The Lord of the Rings (fantasy show) 

Frodo, a hobbit, sets off on a mission to destroy the One Ring, which is the Dark Lord Sauron's source of power. 

Stranger Things (fantasy show) 

Adolescents seek friend in 80s Indiana, discover secrets of government projects and supernatural forces with a strange girl. 

The Mandalorian (fantasy show) 

In the far corners of the galaxy, a lone bounty hunter takes care of an enigmatic youngster while navigating a perilous underworld of mercenaries and criminals. 

His Dark Materials (fantasy show) 

Inquisitive young Lyra Belacqua explores parallel realms and comes into strong forces while looking for her buddy who has been abducted. 

Shadow and Bone (fantasy show) 

A young soldier finds a magical ability that could heal the world split open by an artificial wall of never-ending darkness. 

House of the Dragon (fantasy show) 

This television program, which is a prequel to Game of Thrones, chronicles the Targaryen civil war two centuries before the main series' events. 

Outlander (fantasy show) 

Nurse time travels to 1743 Scotland, faces challenges and forms bond with warrior in new life. 

The Magicians (fantasy show) 

Magic student Quentin enters hidden school, finds dangerous reality of dreamt magical world. 

Carnival Row  (fantasy show) 

In a steampunk universe, mythological animals confront discrimination and fight for acceptance in human civilization.