Army of the Dead 

Zack Snyder directs a zombie-apocalyptic heist film in Las Vegas, featuring big action sequences, a diverse cast, and plenty of gore. 


The 19th-century French historical horror features soldiers trapped in the Pyrenees mountains who must battle both living and undead creatures. 


The Korean prequel to "Kingdom" explores the story of a formidable warrior battling betrayal and zombies.


A South Korean thriller follows a gamer trapped in his apartment building during a zombie outbreak, offering a tense and suspenseful watch. 


The Australian post-apocalyptic drama follows a father's quest for a safe haven for his daughter, focusing on emotion and character development.

Zom 100

A man on the brink of a zombie apocalypse fulfills his bucket list before turning into one himself in a Japanese live-action adaptation.

Black Summer 

The "Z Nation" series features a gritty prequel showcasing a group of survivors navigating the early days of the zombie apocalypse. 

All of Us Are Dead

The South Korean zombie drama, set in a high school, delves into themes of social hierarchy and survival amid a deadly outbreak. 

Day of the Dead 

The animated sequel to George A. Romero's classic film explores the ethical implications of employing zombies as a workforce.

Valley of the Dead  

The Norwegian black and white zombie comedy features dark humor and social commentary, satirical in its unique approach to the genre.