Actress Hannah Waddingham Wins Viewers Over with Humor and Heart on Christmas Day

Hannah Waddingham, who is best known for playing Rebecca Welton in ‘Ted Lasso’, made a big impression on James Martin’s cooking show on Christmas Day with her bubbly energy and funny self-deprecation.

Waddingham’s Charm Captivates Viewers
Even though she admitted she didn’t know much about cooking, Waddingham was a crowd-pleaser. Her cheeky wine-drinking and the way she wiped her face with a tea towel were full of laughs. Social media went crazy for Waddingham, with fans hailing her as an ‘icon’ and a ‘national treasure’. The show ran from 12pm until 2pm on ITV and was praised for its mix of chaos and fun. Some people even said Waddingham should have her own cooking show!

Waddingham’s Heartfelt Discussion on ‘Ted Lasso’
Waddingham didn’t just talk about her fun time on the cooking show though – she also talked about her time on Ted Lasso. She said there was a lot of sadness in the cast as the show came to an end after its third season.
Waddingham’s Christmas Special: A Touch of Sentimentality
Waddingham not just focused on her cooking show, she’s also got her hands full with her Christmas special ‘Home For Christmas’, which is an Apple TV show. She filmed the 45-minute special at the London Coliseum, which is a venue that means a lot to her. Her mum Melodie Kelly used to perform at the Colosseum for many years, so Waddingham’s childhood was full of memories of the venue. She said it was serendipity’ that her daughter was there at the same age as she was when she first saw the magic of the place. She added ‘Ted Lasso’ co-stars and a touching tribute to her mum and daughter to make the special even more special.